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Thank you for your interest of our products and visit our offical website.
Why choose Aixin Medical from so many company of dental lab equipment in Asia?

First of all, our company is one of the most professional dental lab equipment manufacturer, exporters and OEM suppliers, our end-users and dealers are in the overseas dozens of countries. Annually, there are more than 80% market share from overseas, we have established a long-term and Stable strategic partnership relationship with Europe and the United States’ a few of the world's top-well brands of dental equipment suppliers. There are some parts of the company product design resources and production resources to share with those well-known dental lab equipment manufacturers.

Here Global Partners include :
USA CMP industry
UK Acorn Polymers
Germany Dentakon
Greece Microdent
Romania Dental Focus
Bulgaria Medeos
Armenia Levadent
Chile Arvident
Australia Priority Dental
Korea Bowon Dental
Janpan Narcohm
India IDS Dental
Algeria Ouest Dental
Tunisia New Vision
Nigeria J.B Mofaz
UAE Bijoux Tec
And others......

Aixin company tender wins not only in the UNESCO's assistance projects ,but also beat other Competitors in medical schools or University tender items, nearly the same choice , let Aixin is as a co-suppliers.
Global Partners include:
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCSDP)
Pakistan Lahore CMH medical college
Australia St. George Institute
And others......

Second, We integrate the product design resources with the co-operation partners of Spanish and South Korea.Some products’concept and quality has reached the world's most advanced level in the word. (Due to some Chinese Competitor are good at "in-depth study of" Aixin Brand products, we had to cancel some of the latest model equipment sales in mainland China, please give us deeply understanding!)

Third, Reducing the cost of production where our customer can not feel .That Is not the way our company to business management. we have been committed to making domestic customers at the low prices to enjoy the high quality of service.

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