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The research team of Aixin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is made up of technicians with senior technician titles. The research team consists of maters, bachelors and senior technicians, it is a team of high quality and reasonable structure which has many years of experience in developing medical equipments.

The role of the research team consists of machine designing, CAD drawing, mechanical and electrical designing, electrical circuit designing, technical supports for customers and project management etc. There is a good cooperating and communicating atmosphere in the team. In order to develop better medical equipments, the team has to be highly efficient, precise and harmonious. Our research team is such a team with their highly efficient cooperation and information sharing ability. Furthermore, creativity is the main power in continuously creating new products in this field which requires great technical knowledge. Only by being creative can the team overcome the huge challenge and pressure to make breakthroughs and invent new products. In order to succeed, we have to forget our success in the past and keep learning new knowledge. Our motto is to overcome ourselves, pursuing the best and challenge the technical and market difficulties we are facing.

According to our exporting experience, we offer different power plugs and sockets to overseas customers in different countries, and produce equipments in accordance with the specific supply voltage requirements of the locations. For some devices, we are also able to provide customers with compatible accessories complied with local specifications. So, Aixin products are perfectly adapted to different application requirements to local buyers.

Aixin customizes the super-hard paper package for products. It has certain flexibility and harder strength than wood packaging. It has the advantages of easily installing, portable, safe, free suffocating etc. In order to guarantee the goods reaching customer smoothly, we cooperate with well-known major shipping companies both in domestic and abroad, ensuring sailing, price and security and other aspects of the cargo.


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