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Aixin Medical provides all kinds of high-end and low-end dental laboratory materials and instruments for different customers.

Casting Materials
→Dental alloy:
→Crucible: With Cover, Without Cover, Crucible base, Centrifugal crucible, Graphite crucible
→Impression tray: Made of plastic
→Welding materials: Dental solder,Solder paste
→Duplicating gel: 1Kg barreled
→Electrolyte: 250ml bottling
→Polishing powder: Corundum,Aluminum oxide
→Flexible Denture Material: 19g Cartridge,8g Cartridge,2.5Kg Bulk, Japanese Materials

Tools And Instrument
→Casting rings: Induction casting rings,Manual casting rings
→Porcelain tools: Moist palette,Palette,Porcelain brush,OP brush
→Plaster saw: Steel handle,Saw blade
→Caliper: Metal caliper,Wax caliper
→Wax carver: 8piece combo
→Plaster spatulas: Wooden handle
→Plaster shear: Stainless steel
→Bunsen burner: V1 Type,V2 Type,V3 Type
→Alcohol torch: Made of glass,Made of plastic
→Micro torch: Conventional type
→Rubbe bowl: Rubber mixing bowl,No-stick mixing cup
→Denture flask: Made of brass,Made of aluminum
→Denture presser: Single layer,Double layer
→Duplicating flask: Made of aluminum,Made of plastic
→Dental articulator: Electroplating articulator,Brass articulator,Universal articulator,
          Magnetic articulator(small),Magnetic articulator(large),
          Semi-adjustable articulator,Full mouth articulator

Micro Equipment
→Wax pot: 3 basin,4 basin
→Waxdip apparatus: Single basin
→Surveyor: Traditional,Circle base,Rectangle base
→Binocular loupe: 2.5X,3X,4X,5X,6X,6.5X
→Wax carving pencil: Twin pencil
→Air chisel: Conventional type
→Bearing changing machine: BCM2 type
→Vacuum former : AX-KZ

Polishing Materials
→Tungsten steel bur: CX72F,CX75F,CX79-SG,HM23GX-023,HM71-050,HM71-060,
→Silastic bur: 002-1,002-2,002-4,002-5,004-2,004-3,004-5,005-1,008-1,009A-1,009B-1,
       018-1,019-1,019-2,4mm cylinder,6mm cylinder
→Polishing silicon disc: Large disc,Ultrathin disc
Handpiece brush: Brass wire brush,Steel wire brush,Star brush,Proculiform nylon brush
          Proculiform steel wire brush,Cotton thread brush,Muslin brush,
          Taper felt brush,Cylinder felt brush,Bullet felt brush
→Lathe polishing wheel: Canvas wheel,Buffing wheel,Chamois wheel,Polishing wheel
→Polishing paste: Use for resin,Use for metal
Trimmer disc: Corundum polishing disc,Diamond polishing disc

Model And Wax Molding
→Base former: Model base former(groove),Model base former
→Dental wax: Sculpturing wax,Dipping wax,Inlay wax,Base plate wax,Wax line,Sheet wax
       ,Stippled wax,Clasp wax,Rentension mesh

Dental Lab Materials
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