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Looking back over the past year, Aixin is proud of its improvements and achievements. Aixin could not have become better without the efforts of everyone at Aixin and the support and trust of its dealers and customers. During the past few years, products from overseas have been brought into the Chinese market. However, Aixin has been recognized as one of the best brands in china with its high quality, low prices, and excellent after sale service. Its dental laboratory e-


quipments sales is at the top of the Chinese market, with most of the dental laboratories in China using Aixin’s Medium Frequency Induction Casting Machine. Aixin is becoming one of the largest manufacturers of dental laboratory equipments with its customer oriented strategy.

Looking into the future, Aixin is full of confidence. Aixin will develop together with its employees, partners, and the society, and will provide better services for the customers. Aixin will continue with the customer-oriented strategy, to improve its business structure and company strategies, and continue to provide high quality products to the customers with improved qualities. At the same time, Aixin will keep finding new talents from its employees, allowing its employees to improve themselves and to provide better services for the customers.
Looking into the future, Aixin is well-prepared to take on the challenges. Best wishes for Aixin!

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